A Modern Beach House

4 bed ยท 3 bath

In late 2015 we were approached to renovate a cottage on Baptist Lake. With a tight budget and high expectations, the newly renovated home would be a modern beach house, complete with a California vibe, clean and straight lines, horizontal wainscoting, black painted windows, custom carpentry and just enough rustic.

The owners definitely had their own design ideas, bringing a bevy of elements found on Pinterest. We took those ideas and brought them to life, offering advice as to where their elements would work best. Working together with a client is always the best bet. That way everyone is on the same page and there are no surprises. 

This home was a complete gut-job, all the way down to the studs. The plumbing was removed. Electrical was taken out. A fireplace is no longer. It was a total interior renovation and we are so pleased with the outcome.

There is no shortage of custom carpentry either. The kitchen island, the mudroom bench and shelving, the bunk beds in the up and downstairs kids rooms, the entertainment center, the beds and of course the barn door found downstairs was all custom work. These elements give this home a unique look, and again, brought the owners vision into reality.